Can BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN help in bringing the leaders of India and Pakistan closer?

Mile sur mera tumhara to sur bane hamara…

(When mine and yours tone get along, only then can we have our harmony) 

This nation song that was written to revitalize national integration among Indians, today, ironically, serves more better with Salman Khan’s movie BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN spreading communal harmony not only in India but even in Pakistan. 

One hopes the movie inspires the leaders of both the countries to nullify the misunderstanding and live peacefully. 

Since time immemorial art has played the best role to bring the two nations closer, more particularly the film folks, who have been the front-runners in uniting the two neighboring countries.

Raaga.Com picks five best films that tried to sow seeds of friendship between India and Pakistan. 


This B.R.Chopra’s thought provoking movie took the fundamentalist organizations with their horns, who instead of sowing seeds of human virtue, impart communal hatreds in their cadets. The movie won the best national award for its national integration theme. 


This R.K. film had the sensitive love story of a Pakistani girl who sacrifices to unite the hero to her Indian bride was quite moving and an idol step into bridging coordinal harmony among the so called arch rivals.


SARFOROSH, this Amir Khan film, ripped apart the pseudo rosy relationship between India and Pakistan with Pakistan fostering a proxy war against India through its intelligence agency, ISI. The message of the movie was marvelous Friendship tours, cultural exchange is alright, but one should curb the hatred, suspicion and distrust among the two nations. 


This J.P.Dutta’s movie spreading the message of Insaniyat (Humanity) through its Love Story between an Indian boy marrying a Pakistani girl had thought provoking message particularly the climax scene between the Military officers of the rival countries wondering "Can't we all just get along?"


The Partition has long since been a subject for passionate film-making. But very few films can actually claim to have captured the horror objectively and well. GADAR - EK PREM KATHA is a surprise - because it captures the horror of partition beautifully as few dared have. The fiery pro-Hindustan speeches by Sunny Deol form the crux of the movie. EK PREM KATHA comes close to it being fantastic in taking across the message of communal harmony.