Wanna identify who is the ‘Original’?

Bollywood stars having ‘look alike’ are nothing new. India has plenty of film buffs who style like their favorite stars and feel proud when others identify them as duplicates of their superstars. 

However rarely does one come across people sharing uncanny resemblance. One of the most iconic look-alike is a Srinagar youngster Junaid Shah, who will leave you stunned as he is a Xerox version of Bollywood heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor. 

Incidentally Junaid Shah is also eyeing Bollywood as he pursuing a career in modeling and the next step being Bollywood.

Besides a hairline difference in appearance Junaid shares a huge age gap of 7 years with Ranbir Kapoor. While Ranbir Kapoor is 32, Junaid is 31 years. 

An MBA from Kashmir University Junaid is already a craze on social networking sites ever since his pictures went viral. 

Besides Ranbir Kapoor, the other most striking look alike is that of Priya Mukherji who shares a strange similarity with Sonakshi Sinha. 

She is a huge fan of the actress and dresses identical dresses like her idol. And what’s more her handle on Instagram is ‘sonakshisinha-lookalike’ and she updates about Sonakshi Sinha’s movies and promotes her films. 

She too is aspiring to become an actress in Bollywood

One wonders what will happen to the originals if the duplicates take on???