Salman Khan yet again in legal tangle! Producer sues Rs 250 crore defamation case!

Salman Khan and controversy go hand in hand. The DABANGG star may have had some relief in the 2002 hit-and-run case and may be awaiting the outcome in the black-buck trial but even while the two cases finish; the actor is yet again in legal trouble. This time he has been dragged by film producer Vijay Galani, who made the major debacle VEER with him in the lead. 

According to reports producer Vijay Galani has sued Salman Khan for Rs 250 crores as the honorable court has given verdict in his favor in the long legal battle against Salman Khan over monetary matter. 

Briefing the media, Vijay Galani said, “When I made VEER, I had paid Salman Rs 10 crore as the signing amount, which was quite more than his actual amount (Rs 7-8 Crore). In addition I had also promised him another Rs 15 crore from the overflow, only if the film did well at the box office. Unfortunately, the film boomed at the box office and I was tight corners.”

He added, “Even as I was trying to seek solution to come out from my financial losses I was shocked to find Salman Khna’s legal team sending me a notice demanding to pay the remaining Rs 15 crore!” 

Galani informed, “The agreement that I made with Salman Khan was I would pay Rs 15 crore if the film did overflow profit but in reality the movie was a super duper flop and hence the question of overflow profit didn’t arise. Yet Salman Khan’s financial experts harassed me and demanded money. When I refused Salman Khan lodged compliant at CINTAA (the Cine & TV Artistes Association), who issued me a non-cooperation, only to please Salman Khan. Hence compelled I moved the court. ” 

The honorable court in its decision found Salman's claims to be baseless and the court gave judgment in Galani's favour. 

Now Galani has sued Salman for defamation. "I cannot tell you what I've gone through during the last three years. My mental agony and the money on lawyers have left me drained. I've filed a Rs 250 crore defamation case against Salman for mental agony, harassment, loss of face. Who will give me back the 3 years that I've lost?"