Ranveer Singh proposes to Deepika Padukone publicly at IIFA Nite!

Bollywood heartthrob Ranveer Singh, known for his wits and masti made the 16th International Indian Film Academy Awards (IIFA 2015) award nite spicy and peppy by daringly proposing to his girlfriend Deepika Padukone in public! 

The award nite became sensational when Deepika Padukone arrived on stage, looking bewitchingly stunning in a black-and-maroon saree to collect her ‘Woman of the Year’ honour.

Interestingly Ranveer Singh, who was co-hosting the show along with Arjun Kapoor, stole the thunder as he quickly rushed towards Deepika Padukone and kneeling on his knees, in the typical Shakespearian Romeo Juliet style, he presented Deepika Padukone his heart out (red heart balloon)! 

To make the scenario more passionate and alluring Ranveer Singh termed Deepika as 'Queen of Hearts'. He even read out a romantic poem, sung the song Ram chahe Leela, Leela Chahe Ram… from their 2013 love saga RAM LEELA and gave her red roses! 

In response Deepika Padukone akin to a traditional Indian bride was seen shying and blushing on stage at that moment. 

The jam packed audience watching at Malaysia’s famous Ritz Carlton Hotel in Kuala Lumpur was literally taken by their feet at Ranveer Singh’s bold romance for Deepika Padukone!! 

Interestingly Ranveer Singh had incidentally even worn a suit and a hat that coordinated with same color saree of Deepika Padukone! 

The Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone romance has been blossoming since the duo shared screen together in Sanjay Leena Bansali’s romantic thriller RAM LEELA and now the duo will been seen again in the upcoming movie BAJIRAO MASTANI. 

One wonders is the romance a reality or just eyewash to garner publicity for their forthcoming film BAJIRAO MASTANI!