Is Aamir Khan set to do his ‘First International Film’ opposite Harry Potter star Emma Watson?

It may come as a stunner to many but reports have it that Mr. Perfectionist aka Aamir Khan is all set to do his ‘First International Film’ opposite the beautiful HARRY POTTER actress Emma Watson. 

Produced and directed by Nandita Singgha the film MID DEY, an English-Hindi bilingual is a biopic on the dare devil crime journalist J Dey, who was murdered by vested interested as he was writing a book on five topnotch notorious gangsters of Mumbai but alas but had to pay a price to the bullet.

Insiders claim Nandita Singgha, owner of Total Presentation Devices Limited, Bollywood’ first production company to be certified with the prestigious ISO for quality services in the film-making, met Aamir Khan and discussed the film’s subject. Aamir was bowled over by the intense content of film and signed the dotted lines. It seems Aamir is so charged with MID DEY that he has even postponed his much loved project DANGAL.

Nandita Singgha, a UK entrepreneur, who owes 20 offices worldwide and has more than 8,000 employees working for her company Total Presentation Devices Limited briefing media about the film said, “While researching on the murder of J Dey, I found journalists play a vital role in society but they are a ignored lot.”

She added, “The same journalists have made Modi ji, the Prime Minister, Kejriwal the CM of Delhi, made Anna Hazare a national Hero and all the actors owe their stardom to journalists.”

“It is now pay back time. In my own humble way, I am glorifying and highlighting the life of a journalist,” she quipped. 

To give the movie an International look Nandita Singgha has roped HARRY POTTER actress Emma Watson, opposite Aamir Khan. She plays the British journalist who breaks the murder story of J Dey and exposes the masterminds behind the crime. 

It may be noted that Nandita Singgha is the first woman filmmaker to direct an international film on Indian crime journalism. 

She informed, “I have worked painstakingly on the script and even sought help from many renowned journalist, one among them being late Khuswant Singh. I have asked few journalists to pen the script to make the film as genuine and true to life. The script has been finalized after writing over 15 drafts.”