Wah Wah Salman Khanji, Kismat Kya Payi….

Wah wah Ramji, jodi kya banaayi….

Remember this hit song from Salman Khan’s hit film HUM AAPKE HAIN KAUN! 

I take a little journalistic liberty a alter the song as ….

Wah Wah Salman Khanji, Kismat kya payi…. 

Truly Salman Khan is not only been bestowed by a debonair personality but it seems the ‘Almighty’ has also penned his destiny with golden letters or else which accused, who has been convicted for grave charges of ‘culpable homicide not amounting to murder’ and sentenced to five years in jail, can daringly move freely not just in India but also dream of performing shows abroad!

The height of amazement is that Salman Khan is out on bail and High Court had banned him to travel abroad!!! According to High Court order Salman Khan cannot move out of the country until June 2015 when the case pending the hearing and disposal of his appeal against the conviction will be hurt but reports have it that Salman Khan has already confirmed his attendance at the Arab Indo Bollywood Awards being held in Dubai.

In a press release the organizers Varun from Al Bustan Group, who are conducting the first of its kind Bollywood award show said, “We have spoken to Salman Khan about the hassles of his presence at the show but Salman bhai has assured us that there is no legal problem for him to travel abroad.” 

He added, “Bhaijaan (Salman Khan) also promised to arrive in Dubai on 28 May and perform two dances.” 

It may be noted that Salman Khan’s lawyer’s have sought leave from the High Court of Bombay to travel to Dubai on 29 May but still the case is to be heard and Salman Khan awaits court permission to actually travel to the emirate but his confidence level is worth flattering because he knows if he can get last minute bail then who on earth can cancel his appeal to travel abroad!!! 

Interestingly on the flip side in January fellow Bollywood star, Sanjay Dutt, sentenced for firearms offences, had a parole request rejected. But if you are SALMAN KHAN then court orders don’t matter! Don’t they??