Friday, May 29, 2015

The ‘Real Reason’ behind Rekha’s Exit in FITOOR Revealed!!

The news of veteran actress Rekha walking out of Abhishek Kapoor's most ambitious film FITOOR has left not only Rekha’s fan surprised but even the media is rife with multiple stories circulating. 

Some speculate Rekha made the exit on her own after being disappointed by her character of Miss Havisham aka Begum that she was portraying in the Hindi version of the adaptation of celebrated novel Great Expectations. 

A unit member from the production on condition of anonymity informed, “Rekhaji took the grave decision after she watched the final rushes of the film and expressed her discontent with Gattu Sahab (director Abhishek Kapoor fondly called) but Gattu Sahab tried to convince her by reshooting the scenes but before the scenes could be reshoot, that were planned to be shoot in Mumbai’s Mehboob studio, the shocking news of Rekha’s exit from the film arrived.”

However some media reports claim there was a difference of opinion between director Abhishek Kapoor and Rekha as both had diverse perspective about the character of Begun being portrayed by Rekha. Hence due to ego hassles Rekha quit. 

But readers would be surprised to know that neither Rekha was dissatisfied by the character because, to be frank, if that would have been the case then she would have not signed the film in the first place. 

Secondly there was no difference of opinion between Abhishek Kapoor and Rekha because with the exit of Rekha, Abhishek Kapoor is most hurt. In his statement he lamented, "It is entirely our loss to have missed this chance to work with the legendary Rekhaji, and I hope to work with her in the future."

So who is really behind this sudden development??? 

Well insiders claim the stern decision has been taken by UTV, the production house which claims the films shooting schedules have gone haywire as per planning and hence Rekha opted as she could not accommodate her dates with project. 

A UTV spokesperson said, “Since the FITOOR schedule has changed from what was planned initially, the new dates clashed with Rekhaji's prior professional commitments. Hence she opted out the film.”

But UTV’s comment sound’s fishy because if you have a great actress like Rekha working in your film, then film producers find means to accommodate their schedules and not replace them with other with other actor. 

Further UTV's Siddharth Roy Kapur has declined to comment and is mum on the topic. Instead he has termed Rekha’s exit and Tabu’s arrival in the film as ‘a casting coup of sorts, which is utterly bullshit because presence of Rekha in the film was actually a casting coup!

Thus surely there is something suspicious between UTV and Rekha, which UTV is trying to cover.