Sunny Leone in ‘row’ over obscenity!

Sunny Leone is a name which is synonymous with obscenity and seduction and probably there is none who must have not heard of her or her career as a porn star. 

Hence when a Thane based housewife registered a police complaint alleging Sunnny Leone of corrupting the minds of children through her vulgar and titillating website a huge furor has been made over the social working sites like Facebook and twitter. 

According to reports a housewife from Dombivali, (Thane District), Anjali Vinod Palan, 30, in her complaint to Dombivali police reported that she was left dumbfounded when she found objectionable and strictly obscene material while she was surfing about Sunny Leone.

Confirming about the complaint SB Shivarkar, senior inspector, Dombivli police station informed, “The lady was surfing Leone’s pictures on a social networking site after being inquisitive about her popularity. However to her utter shock when she clicked a link to a website bearing the actor’s name, she was extremely aggravated at what she watched.”

“With two colleagues she lodged a complaint against the actress alleging Sunny Leone for distribution of obscene content on web and social networking sites,” he added. 

When the news spread on social media a lot of people criticized the lady stating targeting Sunny Leone is wrong as the internet is filled with multiple such sites and it up to the intelligence of the user which content to watch! 

A critic from Mumbai in his message rightly said, “If the internet was to be censored than in all probability half the content on Internet would be banned. Hence Ms. Anjali, instead of fighting a battle against Sunny Leone, it is better you teach your kids on what to watch on Internet.”

The Dombivili police have transferred the case to the Cyber Crime cell of Thane police for further probe.