Salman Khan’s powerful clout makes ‘mockery’ of Indian Judicial System?

The most high profile case of Bollywood actor Salman Khan in the infamous hit and run case 2002 came to its climax on Wednesday morning when Justice DW Deshpande declared five years rigorous imprisonment to actor Salman Khan and found him guilty in all the charges leveled against him. 

No sooner did the judgment was announced there was a wave of emotion in the Salman Khan camp as Salman Khan could not control his emotions and broke down. His younger brother Sohial Khan rushed out from the court room in utter disappointment while Salman Khan’s mother fell ill at home. 

On the contrary the Mumbai Police was elated and welcomed the verdict as they have been earnestly following the case and making all efforts to book Salman Khan for the heinous crime since the past 13 years!

Mumbai’s Ex -Commissioner of Police Satyapal Singh, who was in charge during the Salman Khan case, after the judgment, candidly confessed that he had no doubt that Salman Khan was driving the car but due to Salman Khan’s influential clout he was tight lipped. 

The legal experts too termed the decision as ‘Justice Prevailed’! Even the TV news expert sung glory of corruption finally being weeded out of the country as despite Salman Khan’s high profile status; justice was uphold and Salman Khan was awarded jail term. 

However soon all the appreciation and the vocals of the so-called ‘Justice Prevailed’ died by noon as Salman Khan and his men turned the system upside using their influential contacts. And what began as a gloomy morning for Salman Khan suddenly turned cheerful by the evening as Salman Khan’s powerful clout did the trick! 

Salman Khan, who was supposed to be taken into police custody and escorted to Arthur road jail in Mumbai was surprisingly granted interim bail thanks to Salman Khan’s shrewd lawyers, who detected loopholes in the judgment and where successful in granting 2 days interim bail to DABANGG actor! 

Thus making mockery of Indian judiciary system, Salman Khan, instead of cooling his heels in Arthur road jail went to his home and would now have a cool sleep in his AC apartment! 

One can imagine if within few hours Salman Khan could procure bail order than in two days time what not he could do to avoid jail term!!!