Katrina Kaif’s debut at Cannes Film Festival goes for a toss?

Bollywood’s celebrated and most gorgeous actress Katrina Kaif’s debut at Cannes Film Festival has gone for a toss!!

Surprised!! But it’s true! According to reports the western media made joke of Katrina Kaif’s poor sense of fashion understand by criticizing her mismatch of red hair with black Oscar De La Renta Fall 2015 black dress.

In an article published in the popular New York Post the fashion editor ridiculed Katrina Kaif’s fashion statement at Cannes Film Festival by categorizing Kat’s look under the 'Don'ts' Column’ of their fashion update of the festival. According to the editor Kat’s red hair did not blended with her black Oscar De La Renta Fall 2015 black dress.
Bollywood diva Katrina Kaif, who is representing as the ambassador for cosmetic brand L'Oreal Paris at the 12-day festival (May 13-24) is the most watched out actress not only by the Indians but even by the International market.

Besides her mismatch of hairs and attire few critics even slammed Katrina Kaif for doubling her Oscar De La Renta Fall 2015 black dress with that of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who wore a similar dress back in 2013. A fashion critic slammed, “Back then, Ash was wearing a black lacy gown, while Katrina too was wearing a similar looking lacy evening gown.”

Interestingly even before attending the Cannes Film Festival Kat was aware that her look and outfit at the event will be minutely judged hence before leaving she had made it clear to the media, “Criticism is there wherever you go. I am not a designer or a fashion editor that I need to know every trend. I am an actor and this is a part of my job. Their job is to comment. So I hope we all can co-exist peacefully.”

Speaking about her mismatch of red hair and the black dress Kat, later stunned the western media quoting, “I am doing a movie called FITOOR and the red hair is for the movie and the festival.”