Is Anurag Kashyap finished? Or will he be BACK?

Its official Anurag Kashyap’s much anticipated magnum opus BOMBAY VELVET is a flop!

After the first day’s lukewarm collection, cinema owners across India were expecting a windfall on the weekend due to the media hype and assemble of top stars like Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma and Karan Johar. But alas neither the charismatic stardom of Ranbhir Kapoor worked nor could the brilliance of director Anurag Kashyap could save BOMBAY VELVET from the debacle.

Nevertheless filmmaker Anurag Kashyap has gracefully acknowledged the people’s verdict. In an earnest post on social media Anuragh has accepted the bitter truth that many viewers could not connect with his style of narration and his tryst with a different kind of cinema but he asserted that he will keep reinventing cinema and take the risk.
 In his post an optimistic, Anurag wrote, “It’s upon us who choose not to take the easy route, it’s upon us who stand tall when they let the lions loose on us, we are and will be the gladiators, let’s just keep playing the sport. Let’s continue reinventing, let’s give everything our best and like Schwarznegger said, I WILL BE BACK…”

Frankly speaking like Anurag Kashyap many legendary filmmakers faced a similar debacle when they experimented with cinema but they did made a comeback with a roar.

Remember the greatest filmmaker of Indian Cinema Raj Kapoor, who pumped all his resources into the making of MERA NAAM JOKER (critically his best work till date) but alas the film was far ahead of his time hence cine buffs  could not connect with it and rejected it.

However Raj Kapoor did not give-in and like a gladiator he made a bumper comeback with BOBBY, which overflowed his resources that had been drained in the making of MERA NAAM JOKER. 

Interestingly as Anurag wrote in his blog that the viewers could not digest the narration of BOMBAY VELVET as it was novel to them but years later when they revisit it they may marvel at the creation.

 Likewise MERA NAAM JOKER which was a bitter failure on its release in 1970 was regarded as cult classic in the 80’s when it was re-released and made mind-blowing box office collection and rave reviews!!

History is packed with genius filmmakers like Guru Dutt whose KAGAZ KE PHOOL (1959) was a failure but with his film CHAUDHVIN KA CHAND (1960) he bounced back.

Besides who can forget the maverick filmmaker  Yash Chopra, who was declared jinx in Bollywood with a series of failures KAALA PATTHAR (1979); SILSILA(1981); MASHAAL (1984), FAASLE (1985); VIJAY(1988).

For almost 10 years Yash Chopra could not deliver a single hit but with CHANDNI in 1989 he proved he is filmmaker par excellence and filmmakers like him do not go into oblivion.
True it is because of daring and unconventional filmmaker like the above mentioned legends and present day genius filmmaker Anurag Kashyap that Indian Cinema has survived or it would have remained a butt of criticism in International cinema.