Another insane remake in support of Salman Khan! When will Bollywood come to its senses?

Even after Salman Khan is given a bail and is a free man, at least till July, Salman Khan’s crazy fans continue to pour ridiculous and stupid remarks.

 After the Bollywood singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya and jewellery designer and graduate gemologist Farah Khan, another friend of Salman Khan has quoted, "I believe that it was that homeless guy who was at fault and not Salman bhai because homeless people living on the footpath must remember that footpath is not a place to sleep.”

He further added, “It is easier to provide home to people living on footpath than to curb drunk driving. People who have power don't follow rules, they make their own rules."

This so-called friend of Salman Khan wishes to remain anonymous, probably, fearing to be targeted by media and became a butt of criticism of right thinking wing and humanitarian organizations.

What is astounding is that though Mr. Anonymous has made a nonsensical statement yet he has decided to provide shelter to few homeless people. However behind his hypocrite charity one can clearly foresee his ploy to deceive people that he does care for the underprivileged!

 Mr. Anonymous and the film folks (who are all out to support Salman Khan), I just wish to tell them one think that making solidarity remarks just to impress Mr. Salman Khan or providing shelter to a few handful underprivileged is very easy but when (God forbids) if you or any of your near and dear becomes a victim of such reckless driving than you will really realize the agony and trauma of the people who become victim of drunk driving or reckless driving.

For the film industry folks and Mr. Anonymous I urge them to just read the heart rendering tale of Bollywood writer-director Charudutt Acharya’s Facebook post in which he recounts his 18 year long struggle of being a hit-and-run survivor.

Though Mr. Charudutt Acharya is a film industry person but since he has went through the hell of a hit and run case (ironical from the daughter of film industry) he was compelled to disclose his tragic tale after he went mad at the mindless support extended by film industry people to Salman Khan and caring a damn about the victim’s family.

What made him wilder were the silly and senseless remarks in support of Mr. Khan by the likes of Abhijeet Bhattacharya, Farah Khan and Mr. Anonymous!!!