After Sylvester Stallone its Arnold Schwarzenegger’s desire to act in Bollywood!

Gone are the days when Bollywood was looked down upon by the world cinema, particularly Hollywood. A glimpse of this can be gauged from the fact how Hollywood superstars are craving to act in Bollywood

After Sylvester Stallone expressed his desire to work with DABBANGG actor Salman Khan in an action thriller together the latest buzz is that Hollywood hunk and the TERMINATOR star Arnold Schwarzenegger too has suggested his wish to work in a Hindi film. 

In an interview to a leading newspaper Arnold Schwarzenegger said, “Though India is known for making low budget movies but if I find a fascinating script and a brilliant director then I wouldn’t mind working in an Indian film.” He added, “As it is I have worked in films around the world so why not India?”

It may be noted in the past too many top Hollywood stars have shown then inclination of being part of Bollywood

Hollywood action star Jackie Chan too has said that he would love to part of Bollywood and for that matter if he gets a good role he would act at discounted rate too. 

He said, “I would definitely want to do a Bollywood film! I love the music and dance sequences in Indian films. I can dance and sing. As long as I can get an exciting script, I’m even willing to give a discount to Bollywood producers!”

Hollywood hottie, Sharon Stone, who blazed the screen with her seductive appearance in Hollywood hit BASIC INSTINCT, in her visit to India had said, “I’d love to be in one of the Hindi movies and, of course, I have seen many Indian films.” 

Likewise PRETY WOMEN actress Julia Roberts too had candidly confessed, “I am open to doing an all-out Indian film if the project interests me.”


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