Shah Rukh Khan elated at doing unconventional Gujarati don in RAEES

Shah Rukh Khan has played the role of an underworld don in many films but for the first time he is doing an out of the box character of a Gujarati don in his upcoming film RAEES.

In 1993 Mahesh Bhatt had directed a move called SIR staring Poja Bhatt, Naseeruddin Shah and Paresh Rawal. The highlight of this film was that it depicted for the first time a Gujarati don Veljibhai excellently portrayed by Paresh Rawal. Hence after two decades Shah Rukh Khan has got the opportunity to revive the character and put more fire into it.

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Elated at playing the unconventional Gujarati don, Shah Rukh Khan in an interview said, “After Karan Johar’s MY NAME IS KHAN, I am getting another power packed character which is close to my heart.” 

“I am so excited about the character that I have not even done a rehearsal for the film, but I can assure you that no one can do the film like me,” a confident looking Khan said. 

Shah Rukh, who at heart wishes to explore new characters and do daringly different characters is however restricted to do such roles due to his star status and the huge amount of work he has on his shoulders. 

He laments, “I sincerely miss doing such earthy roles since many years but the tragedy is that not many filmmakers dare to make such films anymore.”

“I wonder why more such films don’t come to me. But then, I also understand that I can only work on one film. I work for 16-18 hours a day and I get less time to focus on multiple films at the same time,” he quipped.