Rajinikanth wins personality rights but other Bollywood producers continue to bank on popular brand names!

It seems with the first quarter of the year 2015 not doing great business the filmmakers have restored to bank on the popular brand names of Bollywood and mint money. If you don’t believe then look at few movies in pipeline like Poonam Pandey’s forthcoming movie HELEN or Akshay Kumar’s GABBAR IS BACK! 

In both these movies Bollywood filmmaker’s have cunningly stolen popular brand names for their film’s title and then denied having any relation with it thus in directing gaining publicity! 

Take for instance sex symbol Poonam Pandey’s forthcoming movie HELEN. The controversial actress known for garnering publicity at the drop of hat has deceitfully not only won publicity by dragging the great yesteryear dancing queen Helenji but has also dragged Salman Khan to steal cheap publicity for her latest film HELEN being directed by by Ajit Rajpal.

Briefing the media Pandey craftily informed, “HELEN is not a biopic on the great Helenji. Helen in our film just draws a feeling from the great dancing actress.” If this was not enough the bold actress added, "Salman Khan's mother is Helenji, but every Helen is not Salman Khan's mother!” 

It’s not that just B-Grade movies indulge in these cheap publicity stunts even the A-Grade Akshay Kumar starrer GABBAR IS BACK is indirectly trying to exploit the popularity of the brand name Gabbar Singh from Ramesh Sippy’s SHOLAY. 

During the promotion of the film GABBAR IS BACK, Akshay Kumar frequently made reference with SHOLAY. He said, “The film is not a sequel to SHOLAY. The Gabbar in my film is different from the Gabbar in SHOLAY. In the original film Gabbar was depicted as a ruthless villain but in my film Gabbar is a savior, who is ruthless to the corrupt and the wicket.” 

What is interesting is that these filmmakers smartly use the brand name for publicity by intentionally making the reference with the original and later deny having any relation! 

Hence Thalaiva Rajinikanth taking the Mumbai-based film production into courts for using his name in his film MAIN HOON RAJINIKANTH is perfectly right. 

Interestingly even the Chennai High Court has passed judgment in Rajinikanth favor ordering the actor was entitled to safeguard his personality rights, and that the film sought to offend the right to privacy and dignity of the superstar. 

On Wednesday, Chief Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Justice M M Sundresh took up the matter for the hearing in which the producer gave consent for removing the actor's name from the film's title. 

“The title would be changed to "Main Hoon Part-Time Killer" or any other title but would not have the name of Rajinikanth”, the producer confessed in front of the court!