Kamal Hassan UTTAMA VILLAIN tangled in religion controversy

After Aamir Khan’s PK and Paresh Rawal’s religious satire DHARAM SANKAT MEIN, its Kamal Hassan's Tamil drama UTTAMA VILLAIN in the grip of controversy over its anti religious stance. 

According to buzz the extremist Hindu wing VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad) has raised eyebrows alleging the movie is anti Hindu and would hurt the sentiments of Hindu brethren around the globe.

In a complaint lodged by VHP activist Sathyamurthy to Chennai Police Commissioner, the movie UTTAMA VILLAIN, portrays super star Kamal Hassan playing an atheist, who mocks Hindu ideology and its belief. Hence Sathyamurthy has alleged the movie will send a wrong message among the Hindu community and must be banned.

Besides this Mr. Sathyamurthy has also allegedly pointed out many more things in the film that belittles the sacred Hindu religion. For instance the film contains some controversial dialogues which might not go down well with the Hindus; Lord Vishnu's avatar's has been insulted and the song Iraniyan Nadagam…., about the disparaged conversation between Prahalad and Hiranyakashipu too might hurt the sentiments of Hindus. 

Reacting to the ban Kamal Hassan said, “I feel I'm always targeted. It has happened in the past too. For instance, people objected the title of my film 'MUMBAI EXPRESS'. They said the title wasn't in Tamil, but what's the Tamil word for Mumbai? In an earlier case, they didn't let me name one of my films 'SANDIYAR'. Even my film VISHWAROOP had faced a ban after certain Muslim outfits objected to the allegedly negative portrayal of Muslims in the film.” 

While the VHP has demanded a ban on the film what is most interesting is that the censor board has cleared Kamal Haasan's UTTAMA VILLAIN with a clean U Certificate!!! The movie will release on May 1