Is Paresh Rawal the Pran of today?

Remember Pran, the versatile actor of Bollywood who once ruled Bollywood as the numero uno villain in the 50’s and 60’s and then shifted gears to character roles. The highpoint of Pran’s career is that when he shifted to character roles he played the protagonist and distributors bought movies solely on the name of Pran. 

Pran in the 70’s was the highest paid character actor as he played multiple characters with aplomb. Producers queued outside his house to sign him and even didn’t fear to make movies with him in the lead. Hit films like DHARMA, VICTORIA NO. 203 JANGAL MEIN MANGAL etc. are pointers. In fact even Amitabh Bachchan starrer ZANJEER was sold only because it had Pran in the important role of Sher Khan.

Like Pran, today Paresh Rawal rules the roost. He has the same credentials and the ability to go into the skin of multiple characters. Producers willingly dare to make film with him as the protagonist as distributers have no issues as they know Paresh Rawal has the potential to drive in audience on his own strength. 

Paresh Rawal like Pran began his career with villainy but later switched to character roles. Like Pran, Paresh Rawal too has done many movies as the protagonist like MALAMAAL WEEKLY, HERA PHERI.

The latest movie in which he plays the protagonist is DHARAM SANKAT MEIN, the satirical comedy that takes upon the controversial issue of religion. In this film Paresh Rawal will be seen playing a father, a maulwi and a pundit thus exploring his histrionics to the hilt. 

The movie revolves around the story of a man torn by the dilemma of choosing between two religions.