Aamir Khan in tears, Amitabh Bachchan speechless after watching Kalki Koechlin’s film ‘MARGARITA WITH A STRAW’

Kalki Koechlin, who rose to fame with her seductive role in DEV D is all set to stun her critics with a complete reversal of image in her upcoming film ‘MARGARITA WITH A STRAW’, where she plays a disabled infected with cerebral palsy and her sexual curving. 

Based on a true story of director Shonali Bose’s cousin, Malini Chib, a patient of cerebral palsy, the movie tackles the sensitive and taboo issue of disabled people’s urge for sex but society’s reluctance to it!

The movie has won rave reviews in International cinema and is also winning laurels in India. The highlight of the movie besides a soulful story is Kalki Koechlin’s hard-hitting performance that had left the film industry dumbfounded! Whoever has seen the film is praising Kalki Koechlin to sky nine. 

Readers would be surprised to when Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan, saw the movie he could not control his emotion and was literally in tears. Overwhelmed by her mindboggling performance Aamir Khan has assured Kalki to give maximum support and promised to provide maximum publicity so that the movie reaches yo maximum cine buffs, who love quality cinema. 

Amitabh Bachchan along with his wife Jaya attended the Delhi screening of 'MARGARITA WITH A STRAW' recently and the couple was left speechless about Kalki Koechlin’s stunning powerhouse performance. 

Elated at the accolades Kalki Koechlin is receiving for her superlative performance Kalki in an interview has confessed that it was no cake walk for her to play the complicated character.

She said, “To get into the skin of the character of the cerebral palsy patient I had to spend long hours with Shonali Bose’s cousin, Malini Chib, on whose real life the movie is made,”

She added, “I met Malini’s physiotherapist, speech therapist, rehearsed in a wheelchair for months along with a 6-week long workshop with actor Adil Hussain on the Psychology and physicality of my character. However I am happy my efforts have paid rich dividends.”