Salman Khan sinking in the hit and run case?

On one hand while Bollywood actor Salman Khan has got relief till March 23, 2015 in the Arms Act case related to the Black Buck poaching charge, on the other hand the actor is sinking in the infamous hit and run case with startling revelations going all against the superstar! 

It seems everything is going haywire for the DABANGG actor because in the latest revelations it has been proved that Salman Khan during the fateful accident night was not only drunk but he neither had driving licence nor a liquor permit!! 

Cementing his case stronger the Special Public Prosecutor Pradeep Gharat submitted evidences of recorded statements of Regional Transport Offices and the Excise Department before the honorable sessions court judge D W Deshpande. According to these statements Salman Khan did not possessed neither a driving licence nor a liquor permit at the time of the 2002 mishap.

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Objecting to the claim of prosecution’s layer, Salman Khan’s layer advocate Shrikant Shivade discarded the evidences claiming that the documents have no effectiveness at the fag-end of the trial. He stated had the documents been presented along with charge-sheet they could have made a difference in the proceedings of the case. 

However the Judge D W Deshpande dismissed Advocate Shrikant Shivade’s argument. Instead the judge took the evidence on record and stated the value of these documents will be used as evidence at the time of final arguments. 

In another astounding revelation retired police officer Kishan Shengal who investigated the case told the court that Salman Khan had not surrendered himself voluntarily to the police the next day of the accident as is commonly believed, instead he had arrested Khan! 

In his statement Kishan Shengal said, “Salman Khan was untraceable soon after the accident that night but next morning I got a tip off that around 9 am, Salman Khan was likely to visit a lawyer’s house in Almeida Park in Bandra West. I laid a trap and arrested him.” 

To rub salt to the injuries of Salman Khan, the SUV car that met with an accident that night, too was ‘illegal’!!! 

Khan had purchased the car from an NRI from Dubai, who had conned Salman Khan by giving his bogus Mumbai address. 

Thus from Salman Khan’s bodyguard Ravindar Patil’s statement to Salman’s forensic blood (showed high percentage of alcohol) to the recent revelations everything seems going against Salman Khan

Frankly speaking from day one the accident was an ‘Open and Shut Case’. Had any ordinary citizen committed the crime he would have been cooling his heels in jail but thanks to the VIP Culture in India the case has been dragged for over 13 years! 

Despite so many evidence clearly pointing figure at Salman Khan for the deadly crime, I still suspect whether Salman Khan will be punished! 

However with Sanjay Dutt behind bar; a ray of hope glimmers that truth may prevails! 

I am reminded of Sahir Ludhyanvi’s optimistic song that said….

Mana ke abhi tere mere armano ki keemat kuch bhi nahi

Mitti ka bhi hai kuch mol magar, insano ki keemat kuch bhi nahi

Insano kii izzat jab jhoothhen sikkon mein naa toli jaayegi

Wo subah kabhi to aayegi…..

(Our dreams might not be valued by the world

Where mud also has a value; but human life is of no value 

I look forward when the value of human dignity will not be measured in money

That morning will come sometime…)