Kamal Hassan’s Hindi film AMAR HAIN Re-launched

Kamal Hassan, unarguably country's most versatile actor-directors is once again making his tryst with Bollywood reviving his Hindi film AMAR HAIN that he was scheduled to make in 2012 but the movie was put on backburner due to his hectic schedules down South.

Confirming the media Kamal Hassan in an interview to a leading national daily said, “Yes, it is true I am re-launching my Hindi film AMAR HAIN. I am in talks with film producers Virendar Arora and Arjun K Kapoor and we plan to launch the film in November this year and complete it within five months of its inception.”

Speaking about the film Kamal informed, “Corruption and black money are plaguing the nation like cancer. Politics, which is regarded as the noblest profession, has unfortunately become the source of minting money. Hence through my film AMAR HAIN, I have tried to explore these bitter truths.”

“I had completed the script some four years ago but could not focus on it as the film is mounted on a large scale. It needed huge finance assistance hence I had shelved it. However recently when producers Virendar Arora and Arjun K Kapoor read the script they were bowled over by its hard hitting content and extended the financial aid.”

Producers Virendar Arora and Arjun K Kapoor, who are recently in the news for their upcoming film ABHI NAHI TO KABHI NAHI, starring Pankaj Kapoor-Lara Dutta confirming the exorbitant budget of the film said, “Our collaboration with Mr Haasan will be mounted on a broad scale as the film delves into forbidden political corridors and the nexus with the underworld."