Is DETECTIVE BYOMKESH BAKSH’s director adopting Aamir Khan’s PK marketing gimmicks?

After Aamir Khan’s PK the other movie that has succeeded in basking maximum publicity and generating curiosity among viewers is unarguably Director Dibakar Banerjee's DETECTIVE BYOMKESH BAKSHY staring Shushat Singh as the protagonist. 

While it is known that the movie is suspense thriller yet the filmmaker has been able to generate all kinds of marketing gimmicks including the bomb shell about Aamir Khan being the villain of the movie! 

Though Dibakar Banerjee has spilled the beans that Aamir Khan is not the villain of the movie yet he continues to shroud the viewers about the identity of the villain.

Watch Detective Byomkesh Bakshy 2nd Trailer

Recently at the release of the movie’s second trailer Dibakar Banerjee candidly confessed that he had tried his best to cast Aamir Khan as the villain in his film as the antagonist of the film is the major attraction of the film and has an author backed role. But Mr. Perfectionist opted out of the film as he had already committed Yash Raj films to play a villain in DHOOM 3. 

Watching the second trailer of the movie one is rest assured that truly Dibakar Banerjee has learnt the tricks of marketing from Aamir Khan. Akin to Aamir Khan, who created interest among the viewers by releasing teasers trailer likewise Dibakar Banerjee is releasing teaser trailer. In his second trailer Banerjee has intentionally hidden the villain to create more interest among the viewers to know the villains! 

Interestingly like earlier filmmakers who used its villain to market their films like Ramesh Sippy used Gabbar Singh for SHOLAY and Shakal for SHAAN, Boney Kapoor used Mogambo for MR.INDIA, or Ram Gopal Verma had created a hype for Amiatbh Bachchan , who played dreaded dacoit Babban Singh in Ram Gopal Verma’s AAG, remake of SHOLAY likewise Dibakar Banerjee is using its antagonist for DETECTIVE BYOMKESH BAKSHY. The only difference is that while earlier filmmaker created gimmick publicizing about villain’s costume, look and other details Dibakar Banerjee is attracting attention by not disclosing the villain. 

DETECTIVE BYOMKESH BAKSHY is all set to release on April 3.