Is Anushka Sharma the prime culprit in India’s defeat against Australia?

Anushka Sharma should be declared National Panauti…..; Not blaming anyone but Anushka…..; Boys have been great until yesterday. Manhoos kahikiiiiiii”; why oh why didn't Anushka have some other surgery to undergo today?

Well these are some of the hate tweets by angry Indians condemning actress Anushka Sharma as the prime culprit behind India’s loss against Australia in the all important World Cup Semi –Final. 

Among the many cricket buffs who took to tweeter and other social media in order to vocal their anguish against India’s loss in the crucial semi-final against Australia, sincerely felt that had Virat Kohli been sincere to his profession and played his natural game India would have surely won the match.

cricket buffs lambasting India’s raising talent Virat Kohli said, “India could have easily chased the total after a fiery start by Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma but alas Virat Kohil yet again failed to live up to the expectation when he was most importantly required to perform.”

Blaming Kohli’s inclination more towards his girl friend Anushka Sharma than to his county and his profession a cricket fan fuming in anger quoted, “India has lost the game only because of Virat Kohli. His obsession for his girl friend Anushka Sharma could be judged from the fact that he neither played with the bat nor was adept at fielding. He also dropped the crucial catch of Australia batsman Brad Haddin.”

Irked at hate tweets and criticism labeled upon Anushka Sharma, she responded stating that she is not responsible for Virat Kohli bad performance in Semi Final of world cup 2015. “Don’t blame over me for Virat Kohli’s bad performance he is responsible for his own field during the matches,” she said in an interview! 

True indeed! What Anushka Sharma says is right because Virat Kohli with recent stardom has lost hold on his ground. He is on sky nine blind with glitter of fame and success! 

If you don’t believe than watch the recent ‘Crash Pepsi IPL’ commercial. You will be surprised to watch that even the commercial advices Kohli to concentrate on his game rather than focus elsewhere? Hope Virat Kohli learns a lesson!!