Fans Favor India While Bookies predict Australia!

The edge of the seat thrilling Semi-Final between India and Australia has generated much fervor among the fans and bookies. The colossal clash between Australia and India in the Cricket World Cup Semi-Final in Sydney on Thursday is thus awaited with batted breath. While the fans are favoring India to win, the bookies predict a win for the Kangaroos.

Interestingly the Semi -Final between New Zealand and South Africa witnessed a similar scenario. The match was played at Eden Park in New Zealand and obviously the packed stadium of over 40,000 supported the home team but the bookies thought otherwise. 

According to reports the odds for the game stood at 75/100 (Seventy five paisa for one rupee) for a South Africa victory, while for the New Zealand, it was 1.30/100 (one rupee and 30 paisa for a rupee). Lower the odds, higher are the perceived chances of a team winning. Everybody is ware about the result.

Hence it is established from New Zealand’s victory that the bookies are not always right. Another lesson that we learn from the match is that while the bookies may not be always right but the fans that cheer a team play a pivotal role in motivating the players and ultimately decide the fate of the match!

The Semi-Final between New Zealand and South Africa is yet again the pointer to this fact because in the last over when New Zealand was in a tight spot with five runs to win from last two bowls, New Zealand batsman Grant Elliott looked cool and at ease. He displayed his self-confidence by hitting a massive six in the second last ball of the last over thus taking New Zealand to the finals. 

Speaking his heart out at the end of the match New Zealand’s hero of the Semi-Final, Grant Elliott, candidly admitted, “With 40,000 home crowd cheering for victory I was pepped with energy and I felt no pressure at all.” 

Coming to the India – Australia Semi-Final, yet again the bookies are in favor of Australia winning the Semi-Final. Hence the bookies are said to be offering 50/100 (50 paisa for a rupee) on Australia, and for India, the value stands at two rupees for a rupee, as reported by India’s largest selling national daily. 

However the good news is that while the bookies may not be in favor of India’s win but the fans are supporting India. According to reports Indian fans are likely to outnumber their Australian counterparts despite the match being held in Sydney. 

Organisers believe that 70 percent of tickets at the sold-out 42,000-capacity Sydney Cricket Ground have been bought by India fans, who would be leaving no stone unturned to stimulate Indian players for a much anticipated win! 

So Indian cricket buffs can keep their figures crossed for an Indian win, if we compare the scenario of the Semi-Final between New Zealand and South Africa!