Birthday Special - Why is Aamir Khan called Mr. Perfectionist!

Papa kehte hain bada naam karegaa…

When Aamir Khan sung this song in his debut movie QAYAMAT SE QAYAMAT TAK (QSQT) little he must have realized that he will go on to become such a huge star that he will not only take his papa’s name to dizzy height of popularity but would also unfold country’s name worldwide.

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Today Aamir Khan is not only a national icon but he is one of the most sought after star in international film market. Ever since he hit headlines with his Oscar nominated for his colonial drama ‘LAGAAN’ the international cinema is yearning to cast him in their movies. Speaking about the international offers Aamir recently revealed. He said, “There were many offers but none of them offers were exciting.” “Moreover I prefer working in India but if I get something good wherever in China or America or Japan then I may work but emotionally I am always here and I will work here only," he quipped. 

Considered as the desi version of Tom Hanks, Aamir is termed Mr. Perfectionist for his passion for details and a hawk eye for excellence. He is one of those few rare actors of Bollywood who believes in authentic or natural performances. His craze for perfection can simply be gauged from the fact that for his forthcoming film DANGAL, in which he plays a middle aged wrestler, Aamir has put on 22 kilos to get into the skin of the character. He says, “I was 68 kg while shooting for my movie PK but now I am 90 kg. I have stopped non vegetarian food and I am learning wrestling and Haryanvi to live the character suitably.”

To pump fuel into his performances Aamir Khan is known for tactfully selecting his movies in which he can be as diverse as possible. From the flamboyant teenage lover in QSQT to the rustic peasant in LAGAAN, to the roadside ruffian in RANGEELA, to college student in 3 IDIOTS, to a psychopath in GHAJINI, a comic caper in ANDAAZ APNA APNA or the adorable alien in PK. 

Aamir has broken all boundaries of commercial and art cinema. While Aamir has won both critical and commercial success he has also tasted the bitter side of Stardom i.e. criticism and controversies.

On 14 th March Aamir Khan celebrates his 50 th birthday on this auspicious occasion Raaga.Com wishes the actor many happy returns of the day and prays Tum jiyo hazaro saal….