Aamir Khan To Produce ‘Female Version’ of PK?

Remember Hema Malani starrer SITA AUR GEETA that was a rehash of thespian Dilip Kumar’s super duper hit film RAM AUR SHYAM. The only difference was that writers Salm Javed had cunningly alternated the protagonist from male to female. The result, as expected, was yet another bumper hit at the box office. Aamir Khan is doing the same thing.

The intelligent actor cum filmmaker has decided to bank on the publicity of his controversial film PK by alternating the male protagonist into female. Also he has changed the backdrop from an alien landing on earth to a Muslim conservative girl aspiring to become a film star. How she is exploited in the name of tradition and family values will form the crux of the film. The movie will also unleash the protagonist’s trials and tribulations and expose the orthodox societal stereotypes.

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If grapevine are to believed Aamir Khan has decided to announce the making of this film at his 50th birthday celebration. The movie unlike his last film TALAASH, will be a small budget film like his previous films PEEPLI LIVE and DELHI BELLY. It will be made under his Aamir Khan Production. 

According to close sources with Aamir Khan Production, the movie is titled ‘The Secret Superstar’. Since the movie will be made on shoe string budget Aamir Khan will be introducing a fresh face for the lead role. 

What is ironical is that recently at the DVD release of PK; Aamir Khan had apologised to his fans that may have been offended by his last film 'PK' saying that there was no intention by the makers to hurt religious sentiments of anyone. And now Aamir Khan is himself making yet another movie on a similar subject to mint money! 

Isn’t it pure hypocrisy?