Youth replicates Amitabh Bachchan’s ANDHA KANOON Courtroom Murder Scene in real life!

Bollywood has been repeatedly alleged for influencing youngsters, who inspire from movies and indulge in crime. Though the allegation has been sidelined advocating that cinema like a coin has two sides, both good and bad. However, recently the allegation turned true when a 17 year old youth, from Muzaffarnagar, carried out revenge of his father in a typical Bollywood style movie. 

If readers may have seen Rajnikant, Hema Malini and Amitabh Bachchan starrer ANDHA KANOON (1983), they would vividly remember the ghastly scene where Amitabh Bachchan brutally kills the villain Amrish Puri in the court room sending chill down the audience seated in the cinema halls. It was first of its kind scene that dared to show killing in a court room. The scene won high acclaim and played a pivotal role in the movie’s success.

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Years later the scene has been replicated by a film buff who shoot dead his father’s killer in the court room taking everybody by surprise. 

The youth Sagar Malik, 17, is said to have hatched a revenge plan after his dad, Amitabh, 57, was found dead two years ago. Fuming with anger to avenge his father’s killer, Sagar erroneously killed a man and was arrested and taken to a juvenile detention centre, where he was informed by his fellow inmates that his father had actually been killed by local gangster Vicky Tyagi, (38) and he had wrongly killed his aid. During conversation Sagar also came to know that Vicky Tyagi, was in jail for committing murder of a policeman and would be appearing in the court for trail. 

Hence Sagar cleverly escaped from jail, managed to hire a lawyer’s uniform, disguised himself and walked into the courtroom, on the day of trial, in a typical Bollywood movie style. When the accused, Vicky Tyagi, appeared before the court, Sagar pumped 17 bullets into Tyagai, just as Amiatbh Bachchan stabs repeatedly Amrish Puri in ANDHA KANOON

When the police rushed to arrest him, he did not oppose instead he narrated the saga how he the accused had killed his father and he took revenge of the same. 

Isn’t all this sound like a potboiler Bollywood film from the 80’s!