The Mystery Behind Madhubala’s death Revealed!

Madhubala, the yesteryear beautiful actress, who bewitched millions of her fans with her million dollar smile in movies like MUGHAL-E-AZAM, BARSAAT KI RAAT, CHALTI KA NAAM GAADI, MAHAL etc. continues to hunt her fans. 

23 February marks her death anniversary; Raaga. Com pays her homage and reveals the untold secret that killed her at the young age of 36 years! 

Death at the young age of 36 is surely tragic and it is more painful if it happens to a film celebrity who is at the peak of his/her career. Hence when Madhubala died the film industry was taken aback and multiple rumors were circulated for her sudden and untimely demise.

Some film magazines alleged her death to the irrepressible grieve that she underwent due to her failed love affair with her heartthrob thespian Dilip Kumar. Reports claimed after Dilip Kumar kicked Madhubala out of his life and married Saira Banu, Madhubala was heartbroken and in utter melancholy she went into depression.

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Others media reports claimed Madhubala had died due to the utter hardship that she endured during the shooting of K.Asif’s classic MUGHAL-E AZAM. According to reports K.Asif to explore authenticity had used genuine iron chains for the shooting of the song Bekas Pe Karam Kijiye….the burden of these chains played havoc as the amount of physical exertion made Madhubala weak and pale and ultimately took her life. 

However Madhubala’s elder sister Madhur Bhushan turns down all these reports and revealed the real truth about Madhubala’s death in an interview. 

She said, “It may stun readers but the fact is that Madhubala lived a life more than she was expected to live because at birth she was detected of Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD), a disorder colloquially referred to as a ‘hole in the heart.’”

“What was most disturbing is that when she was born of this disease there was no medication but thankfully she survived and it was only during the shooting of BAHUT DIN HUE (1954) when Madhubala vomited blood on the set doctors came to know about her dreadful disease.” 

Luckily by than Dr. Clarence Walt Lillehei, an American surgeon who pioneered open-heart surgery, had operated a baby suffering from VSD successfully,” she informed.

She added, “Hence we took Madhubala to London for treatment but surgeons declined to operate her as the operation was successful only for kids and for adults research was in progress. Thus we returned disappointed and few years later Madhubal bid adieu.”