The eternal friendship of Ravindra Jain and Mohd. Rafi

Tera mera saath rahe... Tera mera saath rahe

Jeete ji, mar ke bhi, haath mein haath rahe

The above super hit song from Rajshri Production’s movie SAUDAGAR suit aptly to describe the friendship of music maestro Ravindra Jain and singing legend Mohd. Rafi

February 28 marks the birthday of the legendary film music director Ravindra Jain. He turns 71 today; Raaga.Com wishes him birthday greeting and recalls the eternal friendship of Ravindra Jain and Mohd Rafi and how they admired each other. 

After music legend Naushad, if there is any music director, who has nurtured Indian Classical music, it is indeed, Ravindra Jain. If fact when Ravindra Jain landed in Mumbai, Music director Naushad had offered him to be his assistant but Jain wished to embark his journey as an independent music director.

Student of music stalwarts like Pandit G.L. Jain, Pandit Janardhan Sharma, and Pandit Nathu Ram Jain's inclination towards Bhartiya Shastriya Sangeet was immense and it was his this command over Shastriya Sangeet that brought him close to Mohd. Rafi

Recalling his first meeting with Rafi, Ravindra Jain said, “I first met Rafi-saab in Kolkata in a program but due to his hectic schedule we could not have much conversation but when I got my first Bollywood assignment for the movie LORI, Rafi Sahab was kind enough to sing my debut song “Ye silsila hai pyar ka chalta hi rahega…. However the movie could not be released.”

“Next I was signed by N.N.Sippy for the film KAANCH AUR HEERA. Once again, I approached Rafi sahab and he obliged. The song was Nazar aati nahin manzil….Unfortunately the film didn’t do well, but this song became very popular,” he informs. 

He added, “After this N.N.Sippy gave another break with CHOR MACHAYE SHOR. I took the movie as a challenge and yet again I relied on Rafi sahab. Interestingly all the songs became hit. Remember Ek Daal Par Tota Bole...; Paon Mein Dori...” 

After this the two shared a good rapport. Paying tribute to Rafi sahab, Ravinder Jain, in his typical poetry quotes - 

Nagme Mein Mere Kuchh Bhee Na Thaa 

Lekin Aye Rafi Aawaaaz Ne Teree Use Heeraa Banaa Diyaa!

(My songs had nothing special in them but Rafi, your voice turned them into diamonds!)