Crazy fan injures Shakti Kapoor by brutally snatching his earring!

Veteran villain Shakti Kapoor known for his famous comic villainous role of ‘Crime Master Go Go’ in Aamir Khan and Salman Khan’s film ANDAAZ APNA APNA wounded his ear lobe when a fan stunned him by robbing his gold earring! 

Father of Shradha Kapoor, current heartthrob of nation, Shakti Kapoor is known to be a jovial person and never shoes away his fans, instead he mingles with them and adores them. However his buoyant nature proved expensive as during a shoot a canny fan took advantage of this.

According to reports Shakti Kapoor was at Kanpur city in Uttar Pradesh for shooting for his forthcoming film KYAA KOOL HAIN HUM-3 along with co-stars Tusshar Kapoor and Aftaf Shivdasni. 

While they were shooting the crowds gathered watching the shooting was kept at by the security. However when the shooting was over, Shakti Kapoor decided to entertain his fans, who were so desperately waiting for him in the scorching heat for several hours. Hence when he was interacting with his fans signing autographs, suddenly out of the blue, a crafty fan ruthlessly snatched Shakti Kapoor’s earring, leaving the actor in pain and despair! 

A reliable source present during the shooting said, “The crazy fan snatched Shaktji’s earring so brutally that Shaktiji’s earlobe was torn apart and started bleeding.”

“Shaktiji gave a loud cry and everybody on the set rushed to his rescue. In the commotion the robber escaped and Shaktiji had to be taken to a nearby clinic for first aid,” he quipped. 

Later Shakti Kapoor thanked his film unit for quickly providing medical aid.