Arvind Kejriwal declined K.C. Bokadia’s Film ‘Dirty Politics’?

Even before becoming the ‘Hero’ of Delhi Assembly Election, Aam Aadmi Party Chief Arvind Kejriwal had been offered a ‘hero’s role’ in  K.C.Bokadia’s movie DIRTY POLITICS to capitalize on his corrupt less and clean image but Kejriwal politely turned down. The role in turn has been offered to veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah.

An exposé of E-mail exchanged between filmmaker K C Bokadia and Mr Kejriwal has spilled the beans that Bokadia had desperately tried to cast Kejriwal in the role of a fearless journalist in his film DIRTY POLITICS, that is on verge of release and stars battery of renowned actors like Mallika Sherawat, JackieShroff, Ashutosh Rana, Anupam Kher, Om Puri and others.

According to the mail posted in October 2012, when Anna Hazare’s ‘India Against Corruption Movement’ was at its peak and Arvind Kehriwal was looked upon as the Masiha of eradicating, K.C.Bokadia had humbly requested Kehriwal to give consideration to act in his film. He lured Kejriwal to be part of his film as it will enhance his popularity and help him in a big way to reach out his message. 

However instead of being enticed by the lucrative offer Kejriwal turned down the offer saying, “I am really flattered by your offer. I have been a great admirer of your films. However, you would have heard that we have launched our new political party. I am neck deep into it. Our goal is to clean up this dirty politics. Therefore, I am really sorry I won't be able to take out time for the film."

It’s reported Bokadia repeatedly tried to tempt Kejriwal pleading to just spare seven days for the movie but Kejriwal stuck to his guns.

It may be noted that K.C.Bokadia who came to fame with love story PYAR JHUKTA NAHIN (1985) later made many movies targeting corruption and dishonesty in society like AAJ KA ARJUN; PHOOL BANE ANGAAREY; POLICE AUR MUJRIM ; KUDRAT KA KANOON.