Arjun Rampal in a soup over his meeting with Mumbai Don Arun Gawli

Arjun Rampal, who is essaying the role of dreaded Mumbai don-turned-politician Arun Gawli in Gaurav Bavdankar directed movie DADDY has landed in soup after his alleged ‘illegal’ meeting with the don, Arun Gawli at Mumbai’s J J Hospital. 

According to reports Arjun Rampal met the gangster convicted in a murder case at J J Hospital on December 28, last year in connection with getting tips about the body language, his speaking style and minute details so that he could live the character of the don more graphically and convincingly on the screen. 

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But since Arjun Rampal met the don without Mumbai police permission, the Mumbai Police took it in wrong stride. Hence when they came to know about Rampal meeting Gawli the Mumbai Police issued summon asking Arjun Rampal to appear in person before Mumbai Police station for questioning.

Rampal like an obedient and law abiding citizen thus met the police and candidly confessed about his meeting with the don. The actor recorded his statement at Additional Commissioner of Police (South Region) office, in Mumbai. 

Speaking about his meeting Arjun Rampal told the police that he had visited Mumbai’s JJ Hospital to survey the location for his upcoming movie DADDY, in which he plays Arun Gawli. He said, “While I was examining the JJ hospital location, somebody informed that Arun Gawli was in hospital so I decided to meet him.” He continued, “When I reached, Arun Gawali welcomed me at the gate of his ward and we spoke for about 10 minutes.” The police recorded his statement and let me go. 

It may be noted that Arjun is so obsessed by the role that he has even reduced weight. In an interview he said, "Arun Gawli is a thin guy. Hence I have to lose a lot more weight to play his character.”

“Especially when you're doing a true story and you want to do it correctly, you have to match the physicality of it as well," he quipped.