Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan yet again at loggerheads!

The tussle between Bollywood superstars Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan never ceases to end. While Shah Rukh Khan's HAPPY NEW YEAR movie failed to beat Aamir Khan's PK at the box office, the breaking news is that it’s now Shah Rukh Khan’s time to have the last laugh! 

Readers may wonder how? Well readers may be aware that since past few weeks’ media is rife with reports of Aamir Khan’s PK becoming India’s first film to have been acquired directly from India by two Chinese film production companies viz. China Film Group and Huaxia Film Group.

However the bombshell is that while Aamir Khan’s PK is just limited to signing deal, its release date is yet to be finalized. On the contrary Shah Rukh Khan’s HAPPY NEW YEAR has already acquired the release date for his film HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 

According to eminent trade analysts Taran Adarsh Shah Rukh Khan's HAPPY NEW YEAR has beaten Aamir Khan’s PK in the race of release date in China! Taran Adarsh recently tweeted, “HAPPY NEW YEAR will release on 12 Feb, 2015 in China and that too at 5,000 screens across the country," 

While Shah Rukh Khan has won the battle of releasing his film first than Aamir Khan, it remains to be seen whether HAPPY NEW YEAR will break the box office record of Aamir Khan’s DHOOM 3 released in China. DHOOM 3 had debuted at ninth position at Chinese box office and collected Rs 8.14 crore in its opening weekend. 

Meanwhile, Ms. Xiao Ping, president of China Film Group (Import Export Division), said in a statement, "This is the first Indian movie to come to China this year and in our meeting with Mr. Shah Rukh Khan and YRF chairman Mr. Aditya Chopra we discussed about many more collaborations in future. Hope this is just the start of a long journey,"