Vikram Excels in Shanker’s ‘I’

What better treat can fans of filmmaker Shanker want but the release of his most anticipated movie starring superstar Vikram on the auspicious Pongal feast. Though, the film buffs have rated the movie highly but the film critics have expressed a mixed a response. 

While some have praised the movie as the best in the history of Indian Cinema there are some who have raised eyebrows over the movie’s poor screenplay and it long length which is three hours plus. 

The weak point of the movie is its wafer thin script about Lingesh (Vikram) who aspires to become Mr India like Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger but is enticed by the glittering world of advertisement. He turns into a model and falls in love with Diya. The love story then takes a twist when the villains inject a lethal virus into him. How Lingesh takes his revenge and becomes normal is the crux of the film.

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What makes the movie an edge of the seat thriller is Shanker’s treatment of using flashback technique brilliantly. The drift from the present and flashback spell bounds the viewers as Ramesh Sippy portrayed in his much acclaimed Bollywood blockbuster SHOLAY. 

Vikram, who had been slogging hard to get into the skin of each character for the past two years has given a performance that, shall be embossed in Golden Letters in the annals of Indian Cinema. He deserves kudos for excelling in the different roles he has portrayed. Amy Jackson does not have a role to display her histrionics yet she is gorgeous and helps to give the movie a glamorous look.

Shanker has left no stone unturned to give the movie a slick international look by roping international personalities to choreograph breathtaking action scenes, seductive song locations and of course makeup and the physical transformation are both top-notch.

However in his bid to pack all the masala elements, Shanker has got carried away, if he had sharpened his scissors and edited the length little less, the movie would have turned a wholesome entertainment.