Shah Rukh Khan’s loss is Dhanush Gain?

Readers may be puzzled with the hedaline but the fact is R. Balki had originally approached Shah Rukh Khan opposite Amitabh Bachchan in his upcoming film SHAMITABH but destiny had other plans and Shah Rukh’s loss became Dhanush’s gain. 

Recently in an interview during film promotion of SHAMITABH, filmmaker R. Balki confirmed that he had approached Shah Rukh Khan for the role that eventually is being played south’s sensational actor Dhanush

Balki said, “The script of SHAMITABH is a clash of egos of two exceptionally great actors. Hence the script demanded two powerful and competent actors having equal potential, who collectively conquer multiple obstacles and reach zenith of success.”

He added, “The moral of SHAMITABH is that it takes two people to do things together. One person cannot do it all alone. It’s always about a team and not about an individual. So I needed someone who can match the calibre and the emotions of Amitji and who else better than Shah Rukh Khan. However Shah Rukh had his own reservation hence after Shah Rukh Khan opted out of the film, I was in dilemma and sought Bachchan’s suggestion.”

Balki recalls, “Once I was seated with Amitabh Bachchan. While I was in fix thinking about which actor to approach for Shah Rukh’s role Bachchan sahib causally asked me that if I was to make the same movie down South than whom would I cast in the lead roles? I promptly replied Rajinikanth and Dhanush! That’s when Bachchan Sahib suggested me to cast Dhanush.” 

One wonder will SHAMITABH prove DARR for Dhanush because if readers may recollect Yash Chopra had originally approached Aamir Khan in DARR but he declined and Yashji signed a upcoming actor Shah Rukh Khan and rest is history!