Javed Akhtar – Writer Par Excellence

Its believed man can never run away from his parental genes. The best example in this context could be of film lyricist Javed Akhtar, who, rebelled from his father – Janisaar Akhtar, who wished him to follow ‘Poetry’ and keep alive the family’s nine generation’s traditional profession! But a handsome looking Javed had aspiration to shine as a ‘hero’! However, the early struggle phase in Bollywood erased all his ‘silver dreams’ and the families ‘gene’ of writing finally came to his rescue! 

January 17 marks birthday of Javed Akhtar; Raaga.Com wishes him birthday greetings.

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Few know that Javed began as a lyricist writing the superlative – ‘Apne liye jiyen to kyaa jiye,tuu jii ai dil, zamaane ke liye…’ from Sanjeev Kumar starrer BADAL. But the movie flopped and Javed began afresh as a ghostwriter completing scripts of B grade filmmakers until he stuck friendship with Salim Khan, his roommate with whom he shared a common apartment in Mumbai. The duo jelled well and thus began the famous Salim-Javed jodi beginning with the super hit Hathi Mere Sathi they gave13 consecutive hits like ZANJEER, DEEWAR, HATH KI SAFAI, SEETA AUR GEETA, SHOLAY, TRISHUL, DON ,YADOON KI BARRAT,etc. 

They gave respectability and star status to the otherwise ignored writers category. In fact, it was they who first gave writers the rare honor of ‘credit’ on film posters. Its reported their popularity was such that cine-goers thronged cinema halls on their sole credit. In fact, the script of Sholay was actually written along with Salim-Javed by Satish Bhatnagar and the story department of Sippy films. But looking at the star value of Salim-Javed, G.P.Sippy gave the duo exclusive credit in Bold letters on posters!!!

Further its claimed that when the duo’s name was announced as the ‘Best Writers’ for ‘DEEWAAR’ at the Filmfare function, the entire auditorium was echoed by thunderous applause and the sitting celebrates gave a standing ovation as the duo marched to receive their trophy on stage. A truly ‘rare’ sight ever witnessed in case for a non-popular category! Winner of "Padmashree", Five National Awards and a record eleven Filmfare Award – Javed sahab is today countries No.1 writer and all this thanks to his genes!