Doesn’t Sushant Singh Rajput look identical to M.S.Dhoni?

The first poster of MS DHONI - THE UNTOLD STORY, was released in September 2014 with its lead hero Sushant Singh Rajput walking to the pitch depicting his back, wearing a helmet and a bat rested on his shoulder. The highlight of the poster was the number 7 jersey that Shushant spots in the poster because the number 7 has always been special for Dhoni, as he was born on July 7 i.e. 7/7/1981. 

Though the poster was applauded but film viewers were curious to know will Shushant Singh spot a similar look-alike feature of Dhoni?

Well kudos to the director Neeraj Pandey and his makeup team as the director has really worked hard on Shushant’s appearance and from the latest pictures released Sushant Singh Rajput promises to look identical to Dhoni. 

Besides looks, Neeraj Pandey, the eminent director who rose to fame with his hard-hitting movie A WEDNESDAY has worked hard on the body language of Shushant too. In an interview Neeraj Pandey said, “ It is a challenging role and I am happy Sushant has been working hard for nearly four months now, not just on his looks, body language but has also been practicing cricket trying to ape Dhoni’s style of batting and wicket keeping mannerism to get into the skin of the character.” 

Sushant Singh Rajput, who raised to fame with his debut film Abhishek Kapoor's KAI PO CHE! and is basking popularity with his cameo in Aamir Khan’s PK is quite excited about the movie MS DHONI - THE UNTOLD STORY. 

A thrilled, Sushant, tweeted recently, “The film ‘MS DHONI - THE UNTOLD STORY’ releases October 22nd, 2015”