Filmmaker Shanker in soup! LGBT files complaint against ‘I’

Filmmaker Shanker is in a soup over his indecent portal of a LGBT’s lust over the film’s protagonist Vikram in his latest Tamil magnum opus ‘I’. 

According to reports pouring the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and LGBT community (LGBT) community is injured by the scene where a LGBT, played by actor, Ojas M. Rajani, seduces the hero Vikram but the hero discards his sexual approaches. Angry at the hero’s disapproval the LGBT joins the gang of villains.

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The LGBT community is so much disturbed by this lewd scene that they have gheroed Shanker’s residence and held protest demanding deletion of this objectionable scene from the movie. In addition the communities both in Chennai and Hyderabad have field cases against Shankar and producers of ‘I’ for defaming their community 

Aggravated by the menace of the LGBT community Shanker has sought police protection and is in a tight corner. A source close to Shanker confirmed the news.

The issue has got momentum with the popular transgender TV personality Rose Venkatesan condemning Shanker for belittling the LGBT community. 

Rose has sought the support of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and LGBT community (LGBT) and plans to exploit the issue. Rose added, "The way Shankar has portrayed Ojas's character makes us look like some sex-starved individuals. We are in talks with the members of LGBT community to decide the next course of action.” 

Interestingly while the LGBT community is making hue and cry over the scene readers would be surprised to know that Ojas M. Rajani, the actor who has played the LGBT character in the film, himself is a LGBT and has no complaints about the portrayal. 

Briefing media, Rajani said, “Though I have not seen the movie but I am sure Shankar sir would have not done anything that would hurt the sentiments of the LGBT community.” 

It may be noted that both Shankar and Ojas M. Rajani, who is a make-up artist, share a healthy relation. They have worked together in six films and Shaker has great trust in his abilities as a potential makeup artist.