Exposed!! Gauhar Khan pays youth to slap her to garner publicity!

Publicity good or bad sells goes the mantra in business world and the film industry is no different. A picture of one such cheap publicity has been recently exposed with reports pouring that the TV actress Gauhar Khan had paid the youth to slap her during the shooting of TV show India’s Raw Star finale to attract headlines in print and electronic media. 

Speaking to a national channel Akil Mallik, a junior artist has revealed the shocking truth that he was hired by Gauhar Khan to create ‘fake’ drama during the shooting of TV show India’s Raw Star finale to help her garner publicity!

Speaking his heart out Akki, who is a struggling actor and toiling tooth and nail to make a name for himself in Bollywood says that he fell prey to Gauhar Khan tempting offer that was too hard to resist. 

He says, “I met Gauhar Khan on November 28, 2014 just two days prior to the scandalous episode.” He adds, “Gauhar Khan tempted me with a role in Salman Khan’s ‘DABANGG 3' if I slapped her during the shooting. Since I have been struggling so long in Bollywood, I was thrilled by the lucrative offer and in excitement I committed the offense. ” 

In contrast Gauhar Khan has alleged that Akki, himself is using her to gain publicity. She rubbished all his claims and has urged media to be responsible and refrain from making sensational news!