Yet again Sanjay Dutt applies for leave from Jail

Bollywood’s lovable Munnabhai aka Sanjay Dutt, who is undergoing jail term at Yerawada jail in Pune for his involvement in the infamous 1993 Mumbai blasts, has yet again applied for a two week leave. 

Sanjay Dutt, who is sentenced for a 42-month has earlier too applied for such a furlough, which is a right of every convict. It is granted by jail authorities (DIG in this case) based on the report of the prisoner in jail and a report from the police. However since Sanjay Dutt has been given repeated leaves eye brows are being raised because according to reports Sanjay Dutt has spent over 118 days out of jail, either on parole or furlough from May 2013 to May 2014. 

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It may be remembered on September 2013, Sanjay Dutt was granted the first 14-day furlough which he had sought to treat his leg pain and which was extended for another 14 days. In December 2013, he was again granted a 30-day parole which was extended twice citing his wife Manyata’s ill health as the reason. 

In fact the leniency of the government in granting Sanjay Dutt repeated furlough or parole was even questioned by the Bombay High Court in February this year but in vain. 

According to reports the Yerawada Jail Superintendent, Yogesh Desai has confirmed the news that actor Sanjay Dutt had applied for a 14-day furlough recently. He said, “Its true Sanjay Dutt submitted his application and is awaiting its acceptance.” 

“The application is pending with the DIG. But will be granted and he will also get a 14-day extension. I don’t see any reason why he will not apply for a parole after that. We will see what reason he cites this time,” said a senior officer from the jail department.