What’s Common Between Alia Bhatt And Karishma Tanna?

Guess what is common between Alia Bhatt and Karishma Tanna, the Bigg Boss contestant who is making waves on TV. 

Well the answer may puzzle readers as both are poles apart. While Alia Bhatt is the most sought after Bollywood Diva, Karishma Tanna is a popular TV serial queen and is struggling to make her presence felt in Bollywood. 

Think again! The two may be poles apart in their respective careers but the two are at par in terms of general knowledge!

A picture of this was seen at the Bigg Boss Show when host Salman Khan asked her - who is the President of India, Karishma Tanna, coolly named Narendra Modi as the ‘President’ of India, sending Salman Khan and the audience into peals of laughter. 

Salman Khan was further left dumbfounded when he asked Karishma Tanna a simple kindergarten mathematics question what is ‘5 x 5 x 0', Karishma went blank for a moment and then answered 25.Listening this, Salman Khan couldn't control his laughter.

It may be noted earlier actress Alia Bhatt, who achieved accolades for her performances in HIGHWAY and 2 STATES, had become a target of jokes on social media about her general knowledge, when she replied the President of India is Prithviraj Chauhan in the popular TV show Koffee With Karan'.

In fact she was ridiculed so much on the social media that she was even given the 'dumb' tag but now she has a companion in Karishma Tanna, who has proved that, she may be not as popular as Aliya Bhat in Bollywood but when it comes BMI (Brain Mein IQ) she is definitely ahead of her! 

What was most tragic is that Karishma Tanna had no repentance but she was proudly roaming around giggling all throughout the episode. 

One wonder these dazzling sexy actress, who show off their legs, and are proud of their make-up laden faces are sadly empty from inside!