Are Karan Singh Grover and Bipasha Basu Coming Closer?

Karan Singh Grover, the famous model turned actor revived the memory of actor Sunil Dutt, who risked his life and jumped into an flaming inferno on the sets of Mehmoob Khan’s classic epic MOTHER INDIA (1959) and saved the life of actress Nargis ,who was trapped inside the inferno. 

Sunil Dutt’s humanitarian endeavor to jeopardy his life and save Nargis from the fire had such a moving impact on Nargis that she fell in love with the daring actor and the two tied the nuptial knot.

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A similar picture of heroic act was visible on the sets of Bhushan Patel’s directed movie ALONE, when the heroine Bipasha Basu accidently fell into the backwaters of Kerala and the hero Karan Singh Grover instantly jumped into the river and rescued Bipasha Basu’s from drowning. 

Bipasha Basu is known for having water phobia as she does not know how to swim. Hence she avoids doing marine scenes. According to a close source from the unit prior to the scene Bipasha had expressed her reservation regarding the scene. The insider said, “The scene required her to jet-ski on the backwaters of Kerala, sitting behind her co-star Karan Singh Grover. Bipasha was hesitant to do the scene due to the oblivious water phobia but the director Bhushan Patel convinced her about the scene’s importance. She agreed.”

“However when the scene was being shot Karan took a sharp turn due which the jet-ski overturned and Bipasha fell into the water. Being untrained to swim she started drowning and began crying for help. Before the crew could arrive Karan, understanding the gravity of the situation jumped into the river and like a true hero he saved Bipasha from drowning,” informed the source. 

It seems Bipasha Basu was quite bowled over by the machismo of Karan and like the Sunil DuttNargis episode rumors mill are rife there is something brewing between Karan and Bipasha. An indicator of their closeness being the recent tweet by Karan on social media confirming his separation with wife actress Jennifer Winegt!