Amit Sharma sentimental about calling TEVAR a remake!

No sooner Amit Sharma’s trailer of TEVAR staring Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha and Manoj Bajpayee were released film buffs across the country easily recognized that the movie was a blunt remake of director Gunasekhar's 2003 Telugu super hit film OKKADU, starring Mahesh Babu and Bhoomika Chawla. However film director by Amit Sharma claims that the movie is not a remake but an adaptation! 

Director Amit Sharma, who makes his debut as the director argues, “It is wrong to state that TEVAR is a remake because in a remake the screenplay remains the same except the actors. In contrast I have worked for many months to write an original screenplay. Yes I agree the film is an adaption of the original film Telgu film, OKADDU.”

Though Amit Sharma may claim that the movie is an adaption but the fact is that many scenes and the backdrop of the film clearly depict that Amit Shah has plagiarized many important ingredients from the original film. For instance the protagonist is a Kabbadi player as portrayed by Mahesh Babu in the original. In addition the backdrop of the film has been shot in the cities of Agra and Hyderabad, which incidentally is again a direct pick from the original. 

A film critic countering Amit Sharma says, “If Amit Sharma is so sentimental about the movie being not termed a remake than he must have written an original script. And if he did have that capacity than at least he could have shot the film in different cities and altered the hero’s favorite sports from Kabbadi to any other sports!” 

It may be noted that OKKADU was a path breaking film for Prince Mahesh Babu as it gave him a much awaited stardom status. 

What’s more the movie was such a hit that it was remade in multiple languages like GHILLI (2004) in Tamil, AJAY (2006) in (Kannada), JOR (2008) in (Bengali).