The Genius Called ‘Kamal Hassan’

Kamal Hassan is unarguably the epitome of versatility. His authority over the medium can be judged from the fact that he kick started his career with a President’s Gold Medal for his debut role in KALATHUR KANNAMMA, when he was just five years old. Over the others he has cemented his reputation not just as an actor par excellence winning numerous awards but has proved his excellence in film production and multiple departments of filmmaking. 

The multitalented actor turns 60 today; Raaga.Com wishes him birthday greetings and takes a look at his additional talents other than acting.

Rims and rims have been written about the historic genius of Kamal Hassan as an actor. To cut short I would only say that Kamal Hassan is a perfect blend of Indian cinema’s dynamic actors like Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan, Shivaji Ganeshan and M.G.R. Like these legends Kamal Hassan proved that he is not just an exceptional actor loaded with histrionics but has star power too.

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And what is most interesting is that Kamal displayed his histrionics in his debut Tamil film KALATHUR KANNAMMA, produced by the eminent A. V.M production, when a five year old Kamal surprised everyone by walking away with the President's award for best child actor. Later he played the great thespian Satyan's son in the Malayalam KANNUM KARALUM, with utter buoyancy. 

The younger generation may be surprised to know that academically Kamal Hassan is not formally educated beyond high school, the only education he had after that was his rigorous training in dance and utter dedication for the art of cinema. He mastered many of the South Indian classical dances with religious devotion and to the surprise of readers he even has choreographed few films. 

In fact like Dilip Kumar and Aamir Khan, the two genius actors down Bollywood. Kamal Hassan has shown sheer interest in every department of filmmaking. From child star to becoming a superstar he has never been embarrassment doing trivial things on the film sets. 

His passion for cinema has been so intense that when he was just 19 years he wrote a hard hitting script UNARCHIGAL, a story about prostitution and made his presence felt as a budding writer. His other screenplays include VIKRAM, INDRAN CHANDRAN, THEVARMAGAN, MAHANADI, APOORVA SAHODARARGAL and AVVAI SHANMUGI

Readers would be stunned to known that among his umpteen Filmfare awards (17 in all) in acting, Kamal Hassan also has the distinction of winning a Filmfare Award for Best Screenplay for APOORVA SAHODARARGAL. In fact he has also won an award in film production. 

Raaga.Com prays he keeps good health and keep entertaining for generations to come.