Satellite Rights Create New Records for LINGAA and PK

The month of December is most awaited month for movie buffs because it witnesses the release of two most anticipated movies of the year viz. Rajinikanth starrer, LINGAA and Aamir Khan starrer, PK. 

Rajinikanth starrer, LINGAA is set to release on December 12, which incidentally is also the birthday of the Thalaiva Rajinikant hence it will be a double bonanza for Rajinikant fans and probably for the makers too as it might break all box office records. 

Likewise Aamir Khan starrer, PK which release on December 19, 2014 is the most awaited movie because its unique marketing has already generated a buzz among film buffs and secondly it brings together the two genius Aamir Khan and Raju Hirani, who gave the masterpiece 3 IDIOTS. 

While the cinegoers are waiting the release day with bated breath, the war for satellite right of the movies has already created a furor and set new benchmarks. 

According to reports Rajinikanth starrer LINGAA has broken the records of all previous South movies by fetching a whopping Rs 32 crore from Tamil channel Jaya TV! 

It may be noted that Jaya TV broke its own record as it had bought Vijay starrer, KATHTHI at Rs 13 crore and Shankar’s movie I for Rs 19 crore. However insiders reveal another upcoming Tamil channel had bid Rs 28 crore for the rights of LINGAA hence to overpower it Jaya TV bought the rights for a massive amount of Rs 32 crore! 

As regard Aamir Khan’s PK the movie is expected to earn an incredible amount of Rs 85 crore from satellite rights, which is reported to be the biggest satellite deal ever.

Last year, Shah Rukh Khan's CHENNAI EXPRESS satellite rights were sold for Rs 45 crore to Zee. It was said to be the biggest ever, but Salman Khan's KICK, which is the highest grosser of the year, earned Rs 50 crore from the satellite rights deal. However Aamir Khan broke the records of both the Khans and registered a new record with whopping Rs 75 crore for his movie DHOOM 3 for Sony Television!