Dhanush and Aiswarya celebrate 10th Wedding Anniversary

Guess what’s common between Bollywood superstar Salman Khan and the Southern Superstar Dhanush? Well both share a special bound with the date November 18. 

While November 18, 2014 happens to the wedding date of Salman Khan’s dearest sister Arpita Khan's wedding his long time beau, businessman Aayush Sharma likewise ten years back on the same date on November 18, 2004, Dhanush had tied the nuptial knot with Aiswarya, the daughter of South Sensational icon Rajinikant

On the completion of the 10th wedding anniversary of Dhanush and Aiswarya; Raaga.Com blesses the couple and prays they live a happy life. 

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Recalling his first meeting with wife Aiswarya, Dhanush in an interview said, “It is indeed coincident that I first met Aiswarya at the premier of my Tamil film KADHAL KONDEN, which incidentally means ‘I fell in love!’ and truly it was love at first sight.” 

He adds, “I vividly remember I was introduced to Rajinikanth sir's daughters Aishwarya and Soundarya by the cinema owner after the movie’s premier. We did not share much communication but our eyes communicated everything. Next day to my pleasure I found a bouquet sent my Aishwarya complimenting 'Good work. Keep in touch'. 

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Two years later after the first encounter the two decided to marry. On being quizzed was it difficult to impress his father –in-law, Rajinikant, Dhanush quips, “Rajinikant sir is a great human being hence impressing him was not much a task. In fact being an artist himself Rajini sir was quite impressed by my talent and was proud of his daughter’s choice.” 

The interesting thing that unites the two is that both Dhanush and Aishwarya respect each other and admire each other’s simplicity. Dhanush says, “If Rajini sir is down to earth and simple, Aishwarya is hundred times simpler than her father. She treats everybody as an equal and can be friends with anybody.”

Likewise Aishwarya admires the simple nature of Dhanush. She says, “Though Dhanush is such a huge star yet he is rooted and connected to cultural ethics.’ She informs, “That’s the reason he insisted that our marriage be celebrated without pomp and spectacle.”