Akshay Kumar laments over the plight of Comedians in Bollywood

Akshay Kumar's latest release THE SHAUKEENS has proved a big hit at the box office. Unlike the original SHAUKEEN, directed by Basu Chatterjee, that set the box office ringing in its third week after word of mouth publicity, Akshay Kumar's THE SHAUKEENS has hit the bull’s eye on its day of release. The movie is declared a hit as it collected Rs 10 crore in just two days!

Although Akshay Kumar is impressed by the response THE SHAUKEENS has received at the box office yet he is pained at the plight of comedians who put their heart and soul to make the audience laugh. Lamenting the ill treatment meted out to film comedians Akshay in an interview said, “Comedy is the most complicated art. It is easy for an actor to do tragedy but it is quite difficult for the same actor to do comedy.” 

He added, “A comedian can do a serious role but an actor who only does serious roles can never do comedy. Therefore I believe that comedians are the ‘Real Actors’ but it is unfortunate comedian in Indian Cinema never get their due.”

Akshay Kumar continued, “What is most disturbing is that in India a comedian never gets the ‘Best Actor Award’ in any of the award shows, rather they are awarded with the ‘Best Comedy Hero’ Award. I fail to understand the logic as I believe that comedy as a genre is not at all easy.” 

Akshay Kumar probably lamented the fact because he himself has been a victim of such a practice in film awards. If readers could recollect Akshay Kumar had given a superlative comedy performance in the movie GARAM MASALA but was given the Best Comedian Award. 

Few other actors who have been given Best Comedian awards include Saif Ali Khan (DIL CHAHTA HAI); Sanjay Dutt (MUNNA BHAI M.B.B.S.); Govinda (HASEENA MAAN JAAYEGI).

In fact even Shah Rukh Khan (BAADHSHAH), Salman Khan (BIWI NO.1), Anil Kapoor (NO ENTRY) have been nominated in the Best comedian category!