Aamir Khan: ‘Cinema is not just limited to entertainment’

If after thespian Dilip Kumar, Bollywood has produced an actor who has taken cinema not just as entertainment but as medium to educate and create awareness on social issues is unarguably Aamir Khan

Like Dilip Kumar who selected his films after scrutinizing the pros and cons of the movie and did experimental movies like NAYA DAUR, PAIGHAM, DAAG, GUNGA JAMUNA etc. likewise Aamir Khan selects his movie and lays emphasis on the content, more than the commercial element. His movies like LAGAAN, 3 IDIOTS TAARE ZAMEEN PAR etc. are pointers. 

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Recently speaking at Hindustan Times Leadership Summit held in New Delhi, Aamir Khan lamented, “Cinema is a beautiful medium to tackle sensitive issue and seek solution but alas today both the actors and filmmaker are just running after achieving one-billion mark.” 

Aamir Khan added, “Frankly speaking the filmmakers and actors fear of experimenting and innovation when the fact is that cinema is an art. Films should allow creativity and the story should rule the heart.” 

Targeting the media Aamir said, “I think to a certain extend even the media needs to be blamed for such mindless movies because they play a role in encouraging these filmmakers by allowing them editorial space and writing ‘goody goody’ reviews thus helping the movies to increase box office collection.” 

Commenting on the reformation of the cinema Aamir Khan said, “I once made an American writer and was left dumbfounded when she asked me ‘what does the creative person give to the society?” Thus cinema is a creative medium and is not just limited to entertainment. Our responsibility is to create heroes, motivate people, touch the good and make the audience glow. We also need to infuse fresh oxygen into this country - this is my vision for this country.”