Hrithik Roshan Literally ‘Bang Bang’ Ed By His Fan!

While on one hand Hrithik Roshan’s movie BANG BANG opened to a thunderous box office opening, on the other hand Hrithik Roshan was literally ‘Bang Bang’ ed by one of his fan in Mumbai. 

According to reports the ugly incident happened in Mumbai’s PVR Juhu, multiplex where Hrithik Roshan was attending a special celebrity screening of his film BANG BANG. 

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According to an eyewitness soon after the screening was over around 12 am in the night, Hrithik Roshan came out of the multiplex and moved towards his car parked in the parking section at PVR Juhu, multiplex. As Hrithik was above to unlock his car and enter when suddenly, out of the blue, a young man dressed in the festive Navratri attire leaped over Hrithik Roshan from behind taking the star by surprise. The fan hugged Hrithik Roshan from behind so passionately that even Hrithik’s bodyguard Mayur was thrown aside and left dumbfounded! 

However soon the overzealous fan was seized by Hrithik’s fuming bodyguard Mayur and bitterly slapped for his misdemeanor but a kind hearted Hrithik Roshan pardoned his fanatical fan and asked his bodyguard not to lose temper and let his fan go. Within seconds, the unidentified fan run for his life and got lost in the commotion that had erupted due to a fan’s obsession to meet his favorite star. 

Briefing the media later, Hrithikk Roshan discarded the episode saying, "Fans have strange ways of showing their affection and sometimes this kind of things happen at public events."

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