Bollywood Youngies In ‘Buddah Avatar’!

There was a time in the 70’s and 80’s when actors portrayed the role of older man in many movies. Remember Amiatbh Bachchan playing dual role of father and son in ADALAT, AAKHRI RASTA, DESH PREME, or Jetendra in FARZ AUR KANOON, PYASSA SAWAN etc. But by the 90’s the trend slowly declined and today actors are left to TV commercial to quench the urge for creativity and daringly portray elderly character or so called ‘Buddah avatar'.

Recently young and dynamic actor Arjun Kapoor , who is basking stardom thanks to his hit movies ISHAQZAADE, GUNDAY and 2 STATES, has played a senior citizen character for a TV commercial and guess what he is completely unrecognizable? The actor, who was shooting in Romania for the same, has put in all his best efforts to look genuinely old and succeeded indeed! 

Besides Arjun Kumar, Khiladi Akshay Kumar is seen playing an old man in the HONDA bike commercial on TV. Earlier too he had adorned the old man look for a loan finance company. 

Likewise Ranbir Kapoor, heartthrob of the girls, was seen playing a senior citizen in TV commercial. His makeup was excellent with a grey hairline, wrinkled face and a typical old man's specs. 

Readers would be aware that Anupam Kher was just 28 years when he played the role of a retired school teacher in Mahesh Bhatt’s SARAANSH .

Earlier, Aamir Khan surprised his fans when he wore a turban and sported white beard in the Tata Sky advertisement. To keep pace with Aamir, Shah Rukh too played a 75-year-old grandfather, romancing Tanvi Azmi as his wife in another advertisement.