Whose Expression Amitabh Bachchan Cannot Replicate?

Amitabh Bachchan, Star of Millennium has portrayed every emotions on the screen be it the famous angry man in DEEWAAR, the tragic doctor in ANAND, the fulfilled English Professor in CHUPKE CHUPKE, the happy go lucky street man in AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY, as village bumpkin in Don, as a don in AGNEEPATH, the mentally retarded yet witty 12-year-old boy with an extremely rare genetic disorder called progeria in PAA or the Alzheimer's disease infected ex teacher of Rani Mukerjee in BLACK. In nutshell, Bachchan is an all round actor which even the thespian Dilip Kumar concurs as he quotes, ‘Amitabh Bachchan is truly a complete actor.”

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However readers would be surprised to read that the actor in his blog has recently acknowledged that there is one person whose facial expression he is unable to replicate. He says the expression of the person has left him distressed as it is impossible to imitate his expression. Readers may wonder who the person in question is? 

Well, Bachchan, in his blog informs that he happened to encounter a poor boy at the traffic signal. He writes, “I was once driving home when I saw a boy lying on the pavement looking desperately hungry and weary. I felt pity. I got down from my car and shook the boy from his sleep and gave him a packet to eat and a hundred rupee note! The boy just seized the food packet form me and the note without caring who gave him. The expression on the face of the boy left me astounded. If ever I were to be capable of recreating that expression on the face of the little one, shaken up from his drowse, I would consider myself the greatest actor in the world!”